Our History

Segamat Inland Port ("SIP”) was established in 1999 by the Transport Ministry of Malaysia. SIP is a fully state-owned inland intermodal terminal or dry port in Peninsular Malaysia connected directly by road and rail to various seaports. SIP is located in Segamat, Northern Johor for the surrounding industry parks operating as a centre for the transshipment of sea cargo to inland destinations.

The strategic location of SIP makes it a satellite terminal to Port Klang in Selangor, Kuantan Port in Pahang, Malacca Port in Malacca, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Pasir Gudang Port in Johor. This makes SIP an attractive and valuable proposition.

Cargo and containers in SIP will get loaded onto trains or haulage services which will then transit them onto large vessels in seaports in either Peninsular Malaysia or PSA in Singapore and other regional ports in Thailand all the way to their final destination.

The internationally integrated feeder port for transshipment offered by SIP truly connects the world. SIP enables transshipment of every cargo and container to and from anywhere for worldwide trade. It is able to link every shipper to over 120 countries and 500 ports around the world.

SIP has a diverse range of port facilities including inland port terminals, port handling machines, railway siding terminals, customs office, container depot, haulage depot, bonded warehouses, open storage yard, weighbridge, commercial offices etc.

The 50 acres of customs bonded open land area in SIP with interlocking paverblock built-up land area (25 acres) allow stacking of 3 tonnes of cargo per square meter. It is ideal for open storage of oversized cargoes, steel bar, oil and gas pipings, etc.

Customs clearance services at Segamat Inland Port

  • K1 (Import shipments)
  • K2 (Export Shipments)
  • K3 (Export to East Malaysia)
  • K8 (Import to Bonded Warehouse)
  • K9 (Clear out a small dutiable cargo from Bonded warehouse)


To become a leading internationally integrated inland port in Malaysia.